Ken and Don Rudichuk

March 9, 2024

In Loving Memory

Ken and Don Rudichuk

The families of Ken and Don Rudichuk would like to share the unexpected passing of these charismatic brothers earlier this year.

Kenny and Donnie passed away in their homes, six weeks apart. They were raised together surrounded by family members who gardened, cooked, canned and loved to feed family and friends. Ken acquired the gardening green thumb and enjoyed many years growing vegetables for cooking and canning. He was happy when he was in his garden, puttering in his yard or playing with his puppies. His family found great enjoyment with gatherings, sharing food, laughter and love. His kids can tell you about the tastiest scrambled egg sandwiches he made for bedtime snack with their initials written on top in ketchup! He was an expert at cooking turkey dinner and loved garlic stuffed BBQ steak and roasts. His boys continue to BBQ their beef with cloves of garlic stuffed into the meat.

Don shared Ken’s love of beef and a BBQ. He believed they should never be separated. Donnie also infused steak and roasts with garlic gloves and loved babysitting the BBQ while his masterpiece cooked. Donnie perfected his unique pickle recipe which fostered his children’s love of pickles. Anyone who knows his children understands the importance of access to a good pickle at any moment and are known to bring pickles to any event and serve them regardless of the meal. They will continue making his exclusive pickles. Donnie shared the magic pickle secret; to clean the cucumbers in the washing machine!

Gardening, cooking and canning are traits Ken and Don acquired from their parents and grandparents. The Rudichuk family immigrated to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan from Ukraine. These traditions are connections to past generations that made sacrifices and faced hardship to provide a better life for their children and grandchildren. In the same spirit, Ken and Donnie followed their oldest brother Gord from Saskatchewan to British Columbia at 18 years old. All striving to find a better quality of life. Gord opened a business where Ken and Donnie joined him. The two brothers worked for Gord at his shop, Yellowhead Autobody, and continued to have careers in the automotive industry. Once their sister Darlene and parents Bill and Vicky moved to B.C., the entire family settled in Kamloops.

Family was important to Ken and Donnie. They had seven children between them, and through life’s struggles both brothers consistently spoke about how much they loved their children. Like their parents, Ken and Donnie worked hard to provide a life for their families that had more ease and opportunity than they had … they succeeded. They passed down the importance of family, pride in their homes, love of cooking and hosting gatherings to the next generation. Their children will always be connected to their fathers and family history through exclusive recipes, strict yard maintenance and delicious Ukrainian meals. These brothers shared a trait of assigning endearing nicknames that always came with a story! Those close to them will know who is being referred to when someone speaks of Stir-fry, Roo, Darebear, Dan, Babe, Ry-Ry, Beaner or Sis.

These men worked hard, loved hard and lived hard. They will be missed.

KENNETH MICHAEL RUDICHUK    December 30, 1947 – January 26, 2024

DONALD WAYNE RUDICHUK    March 12, 1952 – March 9, 2024

Predeceased by:

Parents Victoria and William Rudichuk

Sister Darlene Rudichuk

Ken’s daughter Natasha Ruth Rudichuk

Survived by:

Eldest brother Gordon Rudichuk and his wife Donna Rudichuk

Ken’s children Ryan and Keenan Rudichuk

Ken’s Daughter in Law, Ryans wife, Johanna Rudichuk

Ken’s granddaughter Isla Rudichuk

Don’s children Danya and Dara Johnson, Delaine and Katelin Rudichuk

Don’s grandchildren Jordyn and Tylor Edwards, Anderson and Gloria Arksey

Special thanks and acknowledgements:

Ken’s children Ryan and his wife Johanna and Keenan are grateful for the good times and years of marriage with Gay Summers, the dedicated mother of Ryan, Keenan and Natasha and later to his connection with Susan Bossert and her children Angela, Aaron and Adrienne.

Don’s children are thankful for the years of marriage with Marg Russell, the dedicated mother of Danya and Dara. They are blessed by the years of marriage with Barb Duncan, the dedicated mother of Delaine and Katelin, and precious stepmother to Danya and Dara. Later the marriage to Sharon Connon, her children Tracey, Chad, Amanda and the connection to her sweet granddaughter Chelan Connon.

Special thank you to Dr. Antoinette Kitshoff and the volunteers with the Wheels of Hope. We have deep gratitude for Ashley Dallas and Kim Nobert at Cypress Funeral home who gently helped this family grieve and plan for the loss of our fathers so closely together.

Arrangements entrusted to

Cypress Funeral & Cremation Services 250-554-2324

Condolences may be expressed to the family by phone or email through Cypress Funeral & Cremation Services:

T: 250-554-2324 F: 250.554.3505

665 Tranquille Rd #4,
Kamloops, BC V2B 3H7

E: [email protected]

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  1. Ken Christian says:

    Don was a great guy. High spirited, hardworking and most of all a proud Dad. His four girls are his legacy and Donny’s gift to us. Brenda and I have fond memories of family vacations and summer fun together. Rest in peace

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