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  • What is Pre-Planning?

    Pre-planning your final wishes and arrangements is a caring legacy to leave behind for your loved ones.

    When you make arrangements for yourself, you’re given time to explore our personalized and diverse options to meet yours and your loved ones’ wishes. Our Advanced Planning Specialists are available to provide you and your family with a comfortable, affordable, and pressure-free approach to planning your final wishes.

  • Benefits of Pre-Planning

    • Choose the way you want to be remembered.
    • Ensure that funds are available the moment they are needed.
    • Protect yourself and your family from rising funeral costs. Our flexible plans allow payments over time with no interest or financing charges.
    • Additional support with Travel Insurance and Executor Assistance is also available.
    • Explore the many unique and personalized options that we provide.
  • Pre-Planning With Cypress

    Knowing where to start when planning a service can seem daunting. At Cypress, we hope to ease this planning process and make all the details count. We’ll give you the opportunity to weigh your service options while covering merchandise options and the costs involved. This is when you’ll be able to clarify specific details about the event, including the location, and any special ceremony requests. We’ll then translate your personalized instructions into an Advanced Planning Form, which will ultimately be passed on to your family or Executor. Once your plan is in place, it will be valid to use at any of our Cypress locations and is transferable to any funeral home in Canada.



Start Pre-planning With our Online Form

Utilize the form below or click here to download a pdf version to start the pre-planning process with us. This form will be submitted to our Advanced Planning Specialists who will be in touch with you to complete the pre-planning process.