Dawn Patterson

May 2, 2024

In Loving Memory

Dawn Patterson

Dawn Patterson of Kamloops, BC passed away on May 2, 2024, at 79 years of age.

She is survived by her children Drew (Brenda) Patterson of Edmonton, Jeremy (Kim) Patterson of Kamloops, Grandchildren; Findlay, Everleigh, Sierra, Claire, and Adele Patterson, Brothers and Sisters Cheri Curran, Maureen Glaicar, Bob Riddell, and Lenore Riddell,

She was predeceased by her parents Jack and Mary Riddell, brothers in law Andrew Curran, and Kirk Glaicar and nephew Greg Glaicar.

Dawn was born in Edmonton, AB, and from her early days, she displayed a remarkable propensity for caregiving, often assuming a maternal role for her four younger siblings. As a young adult, she pursued her passion for nursing, earning her degree before embarking on adventures across Europe with her dear friends.

She later met and married Alan Patterson. The two shared a profound love for gardening, which ultimately led them to owning property in Cherry Creek, where their greenhouse produced vegetables and flowers that became a staple at the local farmer’s market, though their paths diverged later in life, the two remained on friendly terms until Alan’s passing.

In the 70s, Dawn also became a nursing instructor at Cariboo College, later known as the University College of the Cariboo. In her time as an instructor, Dawn touched the lives of countless students with her warmth, wisdom, and genuine care. She was instrumental in creating a Student Success program to help students thrive. Her legacy as an educator extended far beyond the classroom, as she instilled in her students not only knowledge but also empathy and compassion.

Retirement brought new opportunities for Dawn to indulge in her passions, from spending cherished moments with family and friends to pursuing creative endeavors in crafting and volunteering. Above all, she cherished her role as a grandmother, finding joy in every moment spent with her beloved grandchildren.

Dawn’s legacy is one of love, generosity, and selflessness. She will be deeply missed be her sons, Drew and Jeremy and their families, her siblings, her grandchildren, and all those whose  lives she touched with her boundless kindness and grace.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Kamloops Hospice Association in Dawn’s honor.

A Celebration of Dawn’s life will be held on June 7th, 2024, at 11am at St. Paul’s Cathedral at 360 Nicola St, Kamloops, BC

Arrangements entrusted to

Cypress Funeral & Cremation Services 250-554-2324

Condolences may be expressed to the family by phone or email through Cypress Funeral & Cremation Services:

T: 250-554-2324 F: 250.554.3505

665 Tranquille Rd #4,
Kamloops, BC V2B 3H7

E: [email protected]

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Comments: 8

  1. Rochelle Collins says:

    Dawn was a beautiful soul, who touched all who were lucky enough to have her as an instructor. She displayed patience, caring and wisdom in all that she did, and will be missed by the nursing and greater Kamloops community.
    Condolences to her family and friends.
    May her memory be a blessing.

  2. Kelly Kovacs says:

    I will always remember Dawn as a very kind and compassionate educator. I graduated with my degree in nursing 2000 and will cherish the time I spent in her classes❤️

  3. Rosemarie Le May says:

    I’ve been a nurse for 44 years, but 2 years before I was at Cariboo College, and Dawn was one of my instructors. Her kindness, knowledge and caring will never be forgotten. My condolences go out to Dawn’s family. She was a gem.

  4. Carol Fulcher says:

    Summed it up well: “ Her legacy as an educator extended far beyond the classroom, as she instilled in her students not only knowledge but also empathy and compassion”. Truly a one-of-a-kind lovely + caring soul who is cherished and will be greatly missed; her memory brings me joy. An honour and a privilege to have the opportunity to have known Dawn; she has impacted my life in a wonderful way.

  5. Chinnama Baines says:

    Dawn was truly a sincere and faithful friend for more than three decades. Her passing brings back a lot of precious memories which I will cherish.
    Dawn was not only professional but also caring in her role as a nursing instructor through out her career at Cariboo College, University College of the Cariboo and at Thompson Rivers University.
    I will miss her loving friendship.

  6. Claire Verschaeve says:

    My condolences to all of Dawn’s people. She was a beloved nursing classmate and our class has fond memories of living with her in the UAH nurses’ residence during our 3 years of training. I wish you all peace.
    Claire Verschaeve

  7. Donna Petri says:

    Dawn was an amazing mentor and colleague. Her kindness, caring, and compassion was present at all times. She was had an encouraging word. I treasure the years we worked along side each other.

  8. Erin Guy says:

    I first met Dawn as a young child in a lecture hall at the University College of the Cariboo, where she was teaching first year nursing to many including my mom. She welcomed me and made me feel special that I was able to attend and color while her students learned. That was Dawn – she made people feel welcome and special.

    As the years progressed, my mom remained friends with Dawn. I would regularly hear about their community gardening adventures where in Dawn’s words, my mom would “fetch and carry” the things she found difficult and they would grow fresh vegetables. When I moved to Kamloops and my mom died, I took my mom’s place in the community garden with Dawn. I had no idea what I was doing. Dawn was the consummate teacher – she was calm and taught me which vegetables to separate for better growth, which needed egg shells to keep the slugs away and which needed certain flowers to either repel or attract certain insects. She giggled when I talked to the plants out of frustration, when I yelped because I had backed into the prickly borage, when I scolded the strawberries for chocking out our rhubarb.

    When I think of Dawn, I think of her giggle. She would occasionally drop a comment here or there that was a little spicy and then giggle. How I miss that sound.

    Over the years, Dawn and I spent much time together in the garden, having tea at her home, our at least weekly telephone calls and best of all, our outings to “our place.” Every once in a while she would forget the name of the store where we would both spend ridiculously and buy excessive amounts of plants and say “let’s go to our place.” Off we would go to Art Knap followed by a lunch out where we would squabble on who would pay the bill. How I miss our weekend outings.

    Dawn regularly provided sage advice, comfort and calmness. When I would be whipped up about something, she would let me rant and then calmly respond. By the end of each conversation I would feel relieved and calm. How I miss Dawn’s calm.

    I often wonder why certain people are placed in our lives. Dawn was a surprise friend, an inherited friend, a much needed friend. She was a rock in my time of grief, a calm in times of turmoil, a teacher in the garden, a friend who shared unconditional love and a mom/sister/grandma who lovingly spoke of her family.

    To Dawn’s family, my thoughts are with you and I hope you can find comfort in the good memories of the amazing woman that was part of your family.

    How I miss Dawn.

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