Norman Edward Ouston

November 15, 1938 - December 10, 2023

In Loving Memory

Norman Edward Ouston

Our father, husband, friend and relative, Norman Ouston sadly passed away at the age of 85 on
December 10, 2023, surrounded by his loving family. He was born in Powell River BC on November 15,
1938, to his loving parents Germaine and Albert Ouston, and was the 2 nd eldest to his brother Jerry,
followed by his sister Juanita and youngest brother Dennis, all of whom have sadly predeceased him.
As a child, Norm lived in Powell River until 1955 when he moved to the lower mainland to start his adult
life and he was fortunate enough to work on tugboats; a job he truly loved. Only a few short years later
he met the love of his life Jackie and together they forged a loving bond that would last his lifetime and
they started a family. Although Norm loved his job and would forever have a love of the sea, his
working life took a different path, and he eventually became a millwright. As he moved up the ranks of
his profession, his hard work and dedication proved him to be capable and intelligent, and eventually he
started not one but two of his own companies. Working in the sawmill industry provided him with a
successful career and eventually allowed him an early retirement at the young age of 55.
It was at that time that Norm and Jackie started their 26-year tradition of living in Mexico during the
winter months, and returning to Armstrong for the summer, where they ran their hobby farm. He
became a “snowbird” and his motto… “Never wear long pants”. Norm would always be seen in his
shorts and sandals, driving his motor home between the 2 countries.
Norm could always find humor in every situation, even at his own expense. His ability to laugh and
never take himself too seriously was part of his never-ending charm. His storytelling began with him
sending emails to friends and family, telling everyone of his antics, both successful and unsuccessful.
This eventually led him to write his own book, “Oh My! Now I’ve done it”. His unique writing style
allowed the reader to feel he was telling his personal story and with such humor it was impossible not to
read the book to its end and leave you wanting more.
Unfortunately, due to health reasons he and Jackie had to leave Mexico for good, and in 2020 left the
farm and moved “to town”. But Norm was never one to let any obstacle hold him back. His ability to be
creative and invent any number of resolutions to a given problem held him in good stead. Mobility
Issues? The driveway needs to be plowed? Just put a golf cart roof over the tractor, rig up the pedals
with buttons on the dash so he could run it without using his feet and then take off the porch rails so he
could drive right up and step neatly onto the porch. Snowing during his plowing? Put windshield wipers
on the Tractor. Problems Solved.
Norm’s unique personality, ability to find humor in everything, creative spirit, his love of friends and
family alike and his generous nature will be remembered by all that knew him. Rest well Norm, you
brought happiness and joy to all those you touched. Your memory will live on.

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