Marjorie (Marge) Folkedahl

March 6, 2023

In Loving Memory

Marjorie (Marge) Folkedahl

Marjorie (Marge) Folkedahl, passed away at the age of 89, on Monday March 6 2023, with her daughter Cheri, at her side. Marge was born in 1933 to Charles and Elsie Reid, in Canwood Saskatchewan. She was the youngest of 3 sisters.

Marge’s sisters Connie and Betty were much older and were gown up and married for most of Marge’s childhood. She would stay with each of them for long visits and they spoiled her. She adored her big sisters and they remained very close their whole lives. When describing her childhood, Marge would say she was an army brat. In WWII her father guarded German prisoners of war in Canadian prison camps. They travelled to many places in Canada as Charlie was transferred around to different camps. Elsie would pack up their belongings in a trunk and a couple of cases and she and Marge would travel  by train and stay in a boarding house, and Marge would go to a new school. They would repeat this each time he transferred. She had many happy stories and fond memories of that time in her life. When Marge was old enough, Elsie took her to Vancouver so she could go to Beauty School. Marge became a licensed hair dresser and came back to the interior of BC to open her own shop.

Marge was married in 1952 in Vernon, and moved to Kennewick, Washington with her new husband. Her daughter Sandra was born in 1956. The marriage ended and she and her daughter moved back to BC. She was living and working in Sicamous when she met her soulmate Nathan. In 1958 Nate, Marge and Sandy became a family. Their daughter Cheryl (Cheri) was born in 1961. In the spring of 1962 they bought the property on Green Road in Sicamous, where they would spend the next 52 years. They lost their beloved daughter Sandy, to cancer in 1968.

Marge was an adventurous spirit. There were very few things she was afraid to try. She rode on the back of a motorcycle in her ’80s, assuring everyone that it was not her first rodeo. She captained a seadoo many times in her 70’s while boating on the Shuswap. She never backed down from a challenge, and she challenged herself often. If she wanted something bad enough, she would do it herself if she had to. She was the driving force and half the labour for four major DIY renovations on their house.

She always believed their 2 1/3 acres could make them a living and she was always coming up with ideas on how to accomplish that. They started with their hobby farm when their girls were small, and they stuck with that for a little over a decade. With help from a few friends they built their own stack built barn, and roofed it with shakes they cut themselves. Fifty years later that barn still stands. Eventually they accepted the fact that soft hearts make lousy farmers and the farming was over. Always looking for something to do Marge and a friend opened a second hand store in Sicamous in the late ’70s. In the 1980’s still looking for something she could do from home, she talked Nate into a garden center on the property and that turned out quite successful.

Like her husband Nate, she had a soft spot for kids. When the chance came for the town Santa gig, Marge jumped on it. She made Nate the best Santa she could. The best hair and makeup, the best suit. She managed his Santa career like a pro. She appeared with him as his helper, his driver, and his PR rep. She handled parents and children, and most especially Santa, with kindness, humour, and pure joy, for the 20 years they gave Santa to the community, and the kids.

Marge had many interests. She loved to sew. She loved all kinds of music. She loved to sing. She loved being social, having “Tea” with her ladies and going to the seniors for lunches with Nate. Going out for coffee or supper and meeting up other people there and chatting away an evening. She liked being physical, whether walking, riding a bike or working on a project, she stayed active. She liked to be in the natural world as well. She liked to bird watch and always had a feeder, and bird bath set up in front of house where she could see them. She loved to garden and loved the plums, cherries and grapes from their own trees and vines. She enjoyed camping and boating, fishing and swimming for most of her life.

Marge was a very well read. There was always a book on the go by her chair, by her plate at the dinner table, and beside the bed. In her lifetime she read thousands of books. She shared that passion with Nate and the walls in their house were loaded with shelves full of books. Later in life they stopped buying and started borrowing and the library became a new social pleasure on Saturdays with Nate. She learned how to use a computer late in life and learned well. She spent a lot of time staying in touch with family, and playing Shockwave games. She loved to play games of any kind. She was very competitive and liked to win, and absolutely lived to beat Nate at Double Solitaire.

Marjorie was a wonderful confidante. You could talk to her about anything and her advice was golden. She was liberal thinking, and believed you should try and understand another person’s point of view, and “walk a mile in their shoes”. She believed in paying it forward and did so her whole life. She was caring and compassionate and she gave generously to charities both global and local. She was a staunch supporter of the food bank, and many other local charities, as well as food and education programs for children around the world. Because she lost a child to cancer, Variety Club became very close to her heart and she supported it till she died.

Marjorie is predeceased by her husband Nathan, her daughter Sandra, and sisters Betty and Connie. Marjorie leaves behind her loving daughter Cheri, and son-in-law “Honey” Larry. She also leaves her sister in law Velma (sister of her heart). She will be missed by her many nieces and nephews, her honorary granddaughters Jenny and Jackie, her step grandchildren and great grandchildren and countless friends.

To celebrate the lives of Nathan and Marjorie, there will be an open house and tea at the Senior Center in Sicamous, from 3pm till 5pm on June 24th, 2023. Everyone is welcome.

There will be a private cemetery service for family on June 24th. Cheri will be in touch with details.

Arrangements entrusted to

Cypress Funeral & Cremation Services 250-546-7237

Condolences may be expressed to the family by phone or email through Cypress Funeral & Cremation Services:

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